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To provide integrated solutions for the evaluation of products and materials, which impact the safety, health and well-being of people.

To be an integrator of solutions for conformity, safety and effectiveness assessment of products and materials involving customers, suppliers and conformity assessment bodies.

Commitment: to accomplish what it has set out to do and what it has been asked to do, always aligning expectations.
Ethics: set of rules that allow good coexistence and that are of a valuative and moral order.
Credibility: that which we can trust, firmly believe in our abilities, impartiality, and in those who surround us and share the same objective.
Innovative spirit: being creative, being willing to do always seeking a different look, an unprecedented approach. Having the courage to face difficult situations, recognizing the difficulties and finding rational ways to overcome them.
Resilience: the ability to deal with problems, be self-motivated, adapt to change, overcome obstacles, and resist the pressure of adverse situations.
Valuing People: making people feel stimulated to develop themselves. Respect, pay attention to, and consider the development and growth of talents.


certification for automotive components

Inmetro certification for automotive components

In Brazil, the conformity assessment for automotive components is mandatory, in other words, these components can only be imported, manufactured or sold with a certification. The National Institute of Metrology,…


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