Marketing products inside and outside Brazil implies the need for specific certifications for each market. In some countries, for example, marketing and importing is only permitted by means of a certificate of conformity issued by an independent body recognised by local authorities.

With deep scientific and technical knowledge, The SCiTec Laboratory is able to support the process of homologation, certification or self-certification so that manufacturers can quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary answers to put their products on the market.

The SCiTec Laboratory conducts product tests in order to allow access to strategic markets for our customers. Our experience with national and international standards and certifications allows us to offer a tailor-made service for each company.

Our service includes: 

  • Technical assistance in regulations and standards
  • Multidisciplinary trials in our own laboratories
  • Development of testing procedures

Our services mainly cover the energy, mobility and health sectors.

Materials and products tests solutions

Laboratory accredited by Inmetro’s Cgcre

Mobility and Transportation

Health and Care

Energy and Efficiency

Water, Air, Soil

Food and Nutrition

Industry and Materials