Automotive lamps

Featuring an excellent structure of equipment, including a laboratory fitted with integrating spheres and a technical team with proven experience, SCiTec develops and performs tests for all types of automotive lamps.

Among the several tests the laboratory offers, we point out power measurement, light flow measurement, spectrometry, mechanical and dimensional testing. The services are performed according to standards ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 60809, ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 60810, ISO 60809, in addition to others that serve as parameters to meet especially Inmetro´s Ordinance 301, which, since 2013, requires product certification by manufacturers and importers.

Beside vehicle lamps, the team is also prepared to perform tests for any other segment; incandescent, Led or fluorescent.


ABNT NBR IEC 60061: Bases de lâmpadas, porta-lâmpadas, bem como gabaritos para o controle de intercambialidade e segurança – Parte 1: Bases de lâmpadas
ABNT NBR IEC 60983: Lâmpadas miniatura
ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 60809: Lâmpadas de filamento para veículos automotivos – Requisitos dimensionais, elétricos e luminosos
ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 60810: Lâmpadas para veículos automotivos – Requisitos de desempenho
IEC 60061 – Lamp caps and holders
IEC 60809 – Lamps for road vehicles – Dimensional, electrical and luminous requirements
IEC 60810 – Lamps, light sources and LED packages for road vehicles – Performance requirements
IEC 60983 – Miniature lamps

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