Passive safety devices and structures

SCiTec professionals have extensive experience related to passive safety devices, occupant protection and retention systems.

The laboratory is trained for testing and evaluation of anchorage on seat belts, seats, side protection devices, rollover and vertical load (ceiling resistance).

Anchoring tests on seat belts are carried out in accordance with ABNT NBR 6091 and ECE R14.

The tests are performed using hydraulic cylinders that apply loads on the belts and seats to test the strength of the structure, as well as its fixation.

We also perform specific tests for vehicles with longitudinally mounted seats.

Seat testing and stability of the wheelchair restraint system are carried out in accordance with ECE R17, CONTRAN Nº 445, ABNT NBR 15283 and CONTRAN Nº 416.

For seat resistance tests, anchor points, backrest deformation and headrests, we use static and dynamic test systems 

Side and anti-intrusion protection of commercial vehicles are carried out in accordance with ECE-R58, ECE-R73, ECE-R93, CONTRAN Nº 445, CONTRAN No 152, ABNT NBR 14148, ABNT NBR 14648 and CONTRAN Nº 323.

The objective of the almost static assay is to evaluate the effectiveness of protection systems during rear, side or frontal collisions.

Rollover in accordance with CONTRAN Nº 445

This destructive test is intended to assess the strength of the vehicle body. The vehicle is tilted to the side and flipped over a hard surface, from a specified height.

The deformation of the vehicle body is analysed with regard to penetration into the passenger compartment. In this way, the strength of the vehicle body can be determined.

The tests are developed essentially for buses, but can also be carried out in other heavy vehicles.

Vertical stability test (ceiling smasing) in accordance with CONTRAN standards Nº 416 and Nº 445.

In the test, the resistance of the roof is evaluated by applying a force in relation to the weight of the vehicle.

Stability test in accordance with CONTRAN Nº 416 and No 445

The non-destructive test is designed primarily for vehicles in accordance with CONTRAN Nº 416 and N° 445.

The standard requires vehicles to go through a lateral angulation, from the horizontal plane, without tainting.

Trailer fixing structures are carried out in accordance with ISO 3853, NBR ISO 3853 and CONTRAN N°197

The SCiTec laboratory conducts tests to assess the strength of coupling devices installed in towing vehicles.

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