Transport and mobility

Tests on materials, components, systems and equipment of passenger vehicles, buses, trains, heavy vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, among others.

  • Components for motorcycles;
  • Suspension bumpers;
  • Otto Cycle Engine Fuel Electric Pumps;
  • Horns or similar equipment used in motor vehicle;
  • Aluminum alloy pistons, pins and locking rings (retention);
  • Piston rings;
  • Bronzins;
  • Lamps for automotive vehicles;
  • Friction materials for brakes;
  • Automotive wheels;
  • Automotive batteries;
  • Motorcycle transmission kit;
  • Crown;
  • Pinion;
  • Transmission current;
  • Motorcycle leakage;
  • Terminals and steering bars.

Soluções em ensaios de materiais e produtos

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