The SCiTec

Scitec founded in 2008 as a technology-based company, seeking to contribute to the safety and quality of products and services that affect people’s daily lives. With courage and an innovative spirit, corporate goals were achieved and the group evolved to the testing, inspection and certification sector.

With scientific and technical knowledge, Scitec is able to offer solutions for the approval, certification or self-certification process. With this, our customers can quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary answers to place their products safely on the market, always preserving impartiality and quality.

Our experience with national and international regulations and standardization allows us to offer a service tailored to each client.

  • Technical assistance in technical regulations and standards;
  • Multidisciplinary tests in our own laboratories;
  • Risk management for products and processes;
  • Development of testing procedures;
  • Compulsory and voluntary certifications;
  • Inspections

The Scitec group has a multidisciplinary team, composed by experts  with master and PhD degree in the most different areas of engineering, biology and chemistry. Our facilities are about 2,500m² and three sites located close to Florianópolis.

We also aim to maintain a Quality Management System in compliance with regulatory requirements. We recognize that this system is fundamental for achieving excellence, notably with regard to the production of reliable and impartial results, the high level of services provided and the good practices of all employees involved in it.

See some of our services:

Customized tests
Shock and Vibration tests
Climatic simulation
Corrosion tests
Instrumentation and telemetry
Durability and fatigue tests
Failure analysis
Materials characterization (Metals, Polymer and Composite materials)
Physico-chemical and micribiological tests


Our group is composed by Laboratories and Product Certification Body, accredited by CGCRE (CRL 0495, CRL 1485 and OCP 0168).

Accreditation is the formal recognition of competence to meet requirements and carry out activities with confidence. Services are performed to ensure compliance standards and regulations, as well as to allow access to strategic markets for our customers.

Our accredited scope is currently among the largest in Brazil, organized for the following segments:

  • Water, Air and Soil
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Communication and Security
  • Energy and Efficiency
  • Industry and Materials
  • Health and Care
  • Transport and Mobility