Shock absorbers

SCiTec Laboratory is prepared to serve manufacturers seeking to certify and develop their products in accordance with the requirements of Inmetro Ordinance 301. The company performs testing on several shock absorbers models, such as those used in cars, motorbikes, buses, trucks, utility vehicles, among others. The services meet all requirements specified by ABNT NBR 13308.

The laboratory offers a wide range of services, thus assuring the best assessment of products tested.. In addition to the standard certification services, SCiTec’s technical staff is qualified to perform testing that meets the requirements established by the auto manufacturers or to develop special tests at the customers’ requests.


ABNT NBR 15747-2/2009: Sistemas solares térmicos e seus componentes – Coletores solares

ABNT NBR NM 60335-1/2010: Segurança de aparelhos eletrodomésticos e similares

ABNT NBR 14016/2015: Aquecedores instantâneos de água e torneiras elétricas – Determinação da corrente de fuga

ABNT NBR 14013/2015: Aquecedores instantâneos de água e torneiras elétricas – Determinação da potência elétrica

Portaria Inmetro N.º 301/2012: Regulamento técnico da qualidade para equipamentos de aquecimento solar de água

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ISO 9459-2/1995: Solar heating – Domestic water heating systems – Part 2: Outdoor test methods for system performance characterization and yearly performance prediction of solar-only systems

ASTM G155/2013: Standard practice for operating xenon arc light apparatus for exposure of non-metallic materials

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