Automotive Wheels Certification

The Inmetro ordinance n° 501 of 2021 defines the necessary aspects for the certification of automotive wheels, which also becomes mandatory (compulsory) before commercialization.

This ordinance covers the types of wheels listed below:

Disc wheels and detachable rims for trucks, buses and similar;
Steel wheels for automobiles, mixed-use vehicles or cargo derived therefrom, mixeduse pickup vans and their trailers;
Aluminum alloy wheels for automobiles, light commercials, tand sport utility vehicles.

This ordinance also defines a single certification model applicable to these products, as described below:

Certification model 5, which includes initial and annual evaluation of products and the Factory Management System. The annual repetition of these evaluations is necessary while maintaining the certified product. The Certificate of Conformity is valid for 4 (four) years.

Process steps

In a simplified way, the main steps of the certification process for this scope are listed below.