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Durability & Fatigue

Our fatigue strength testing laboratory can support you in the areas below:

– Design and analysis We analyse the test requirements and regulations and draft the design criteria and test specifications as required by the customer.

– Data aquisition In addition to developing, designing and constructing test superstructures we also perform the tests for you with data acquisition and evaluation.

– Data evaluation and models validation Our laboratory can evaluate the data acquired and analyse the results in accordance with standard methods, as specified by the customer or according to numerical models for validation.

SCiTec laboratory is specialized in strain and load controlled fatigue testing at low and high frequencies, crack propagation and fracture toughness of structures, components and materials.

The laboratory also offers a comprehensive suite of tests for testing nonmetallic composite materials to the aerospace, automotive, oli & gas, naval, offshore and power generation sectors.

Fatigue (either High Cycle Fatigue or Low Cycle Fatigue) is carried out using servo-hydraulic machines. Tests can be conducted either force controlled, strain controlled or displacement controlled. The laboratory is able to undertake a wide range of fracture mechanics tests using differing geometries (K1C, J1C, JC, R curve and crack propagation).

Types of Tests:

  • Fatigue tests in compliance with ISO, ABNT and ASTM
  • Creep strength
  • Wöhler fatigue tests
  • Statistical methods
  • Fracture mechanical testing
  • Thermo-mechanical fatigue
  • Temperature and climate fatigue tests