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Vehicle components

Many test projects at SCiTec Laboratory are focused on specific components or subsystems, including transmissions, shock absorbers, gears, seat recliners, interior padding, suspension systems, steering systems, electric fuel pumps, lamps, bearings and a variety of occupant protection systems.

SCiTec Laboratory conducts structural loading tests that conform to standards, or if needed to address our clients’ needs, that vary from standards or depart from them entirely.

SCiTec has conducted a variety of load testing and/or fatigue testing on: 

  • Door structures, windows, and components
  • Suspension systems
  • Seat structures and mechanisms
  • Restraint structures and mechanisms
  • Bicycle and motorcycle structures and components
  • Trailer attachment structures and couplings
  • Energy-absorbing traffic containment devices and barricades

Most of the tests are performed using displacement or load feedback to control a hydraulic servo valve and piston.

SCiTec has also conducted dynamic load testing. High-speed servo valves have been used to load systems and components at various magnitudes and frequencies.

Our staff often conducts standardized procedures, however, to suit individual clients’ requirements, we also regularly provide assistance in every facet of the planning, design, and execution of unique load-test procedures.

We are also experienced in developing special machines to test the durability of system components under accelerated conditions.