ASTM F1717: Standard test methods for spinal implant constructs in a vertebrectomy model
NBR 15728: Implantes para ortopedia – Dispositivos para fixação da coluna vertebral
ASTM F2193: Standard specifications and test methods for components used in the surgical fixation of the spinal skeletal system
ASTM F1798: Standard guide for evaluating the static and fatigue properties of interconnection mechanisms and subassemblies used in spinal arthrodesis implants
ASTM F2077: Test methods for intervertebral body fusion devices
NBR 15712: Implantes para ortopedia – Dispositivos intervertebrais
ASTM F2267: Standard test method for measuring load induced subsidence of an intervertebral body fusion device under static axial compression
ASTM F2624: Standard test method for static, dynamic, and wear assessment of extra-discal spinal motion preserving implants
ASTM F2706: Standard test methods for occipital-cervical and
occipital-cervical-thoracic spinal implant constructs in a vertebrectomy model
ASTM F2346: Standard test methods for static and dynamic characterization of spinal artificial discs
ABNT NBR ISO 12189: Implantes para cirurgia – Ensaio mecânico de dispositivos implantáveis para coluna vertebral – Método de ensaio de fadiga para montagens de implantes vertebrais usando apoio anterior