Laboratory | Scitec soluções em ensaios de materiais e produtos


SCiTec’s testing laboratory provides services for various industry sectors. We have complete infrastructure to perform tests for materials, components and systems. We perform tests in accordance with Brazilian and international standards, or according to client´s procedures.

SciTec’s mechanical testing laboratory is accredited by Cgcre under CRL 0495 (scope of accredited services).

See some of our services:

  • Tests in tensile, compression, shear, flection and torsion;
  • Staircase method fatigue tests;
  • Special tests according to client needs;
  • Tests on individual components or assemblies, according to client specification;
  • Tests in metals, composite materials and polymers;
  • Tests of torsion combined with axial force;
  • Multiaxial fatigue tests;
  • Tests in highs and low temperature;
  • Fatigue tests in corrosive environment;
  • Tests with load control, acceleration, strain, stress,displacement and angle;
  • Instrumentation and data acquisition.

We have staff trained to develop procedures and equipment to conduct special tests.

We are constantly developing new procedures, for more information contact our staff.