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SCiTec understands the current challenges faced by the aeronautical and aerospace industry. Our technical staff recognizes the needs related to safety, reliability, performance and quality, allied to reducing environmental impacts.

Our engineers are masters and doctors in structural analysis, metrology and mechatronics. We are prepared to assist in the steps for development and testing of components, subsystems and systems.

See some of our services:

  • Static tests;
  • Fatigue tests – Low and high cycle;
  • Multiaxial fatigue tests;
  • Tests at high and low temperatures (-80°C up to 400°C);
  • Curve S-N and ε-N;
  • Mechanical tests in composite materials;
  • Mechanical tests in adhesives and joints;
  • Mechanical tests in polymer and elastomer materials
  • Tests on surface coatings;
  • Tests for K1C, J1C and CTOD;
  • Instrumentation and data acquisition.