SCiTec | Scitec soluções em ensaios de materiais e produtos


Our staff is composed of masters and doctors in mechanical engineering and mechatronics, with an emphasis on analysis and mechanical design, biomechanics, control and metrology. They have experience in different engineering fields, ranging from the preparation of mathematical models to the numeric and experimental evaluation of system performance and the development of equipment for testing and experimental analysis.

SCiTec has complete infrastructure for conducting failure analysis, static tests, uniaxial or multiaxial fatigue tests and tests in a controlled environment (aqueous, corrosive, high and low temperatures). Our modular equipment allows testing individual components or complexassemblies, under the most varied conditions of load.

SCiTec’s testing laboratory is accredited by Cgcre under CRL 0495 (see our scope here).


Ensure excellence in testing services of materials and products for quality assurance and certification.


COMMITMENT and EFFICIENCY for development of services, looking for an ETHICAL and RESPECTFUL work with our customers. The PIONEERING and CREDIBILITY in our results is achieved through a HONEST work and targeting the common good. Therefore, we must VALUE FIRST PEOPLE, because we know that our job is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of products developed for a better society