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Passive safety devices and structures

SCiTec staff has a broad experience base and unmatched capabilities related to passive safety devices, occupant protection and restraint systems. SCiTec also perform tests forseatbelt anchorage, seat tests, under-ride-guard of commercial vehicles, roll over and r roof strength.

Belt anchorage tests according ABNT NBR 6091 and ECE R14

The demanded test forces are fixed quasi statically using hydraulic cylinders at the belt and the seats to test the resistance of the seat structure as well as the belt anchorage for the forces applied. We can execute also specific tests for vehicles with benches mounted lengthwise.

Seat tests and wheelchair anchorage according ECE R17, CONTRAN N° 445, ABNT NBR 15283 and CONTRAN N° 416

For the test of the resistance of seats, their anchorage points and headrests, we use dynamic and quasi static test control units.

Under-ride-guard of commercial vehicles according ECE-R58, ECE-R73, ECE-R93, CONTRAN N° 445, CONTRAN N° 152, ABNT NBR 14148, ABNT NBR 14648  and CONTRAN N° 323

The aim of this quasi static test is to evaluate de efficacy of under riding protection at crashes on the rear, on either sides or the front of vehicles.

Roll over tests according CONTRAN N° 445

In this destructive test is intended to determine the strength of the vehicle body. The vehicle is tipped sideways onto a hard surface from a specified height. The deformation of the vehicle body is analyzed with regard to penetration into the passenger compartment. In this way, the practical strength of the vehicle body can be determined. The test was developed mainly for buses, but can also be used for other heavy vehicles.


Roof strength test CONTRAN N° 416 and CONTRAN N° 445

In the test, the strength of the roof is determined by applying a force relative to the vehicle’s weight is.

Stability test according CONTRAN N° 416 and CONTRAN N° 445

The test is non-destructive and is mainly designed for vehicles according to CONTRAN N° 416 and CONTRAN N° 445. The standard requires that vehicles must pass through a lateral angulation from the horizontal plane without tipping over.

Trailer attachment structures and Towing vehicle coupling device ISO 3853, NBR ISO 3853 and CONTRAN N° 197

SCiTec laboratory perform tests  to evaluate the strength of coupling devices fitted to towing vehicles.