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Bicycle Components

Being one of the most ecologically sustainable means of transportation on the planet, the bicycle is gradually becoming a global trend as an alternative for automotive vehicles. Boosted by government incentives and people who seek to increasingly improve life quality, Brazil is expecting great advancements in this industry.

With that in mind, the SCiTec Laboratory is ready and now accredited by CGCRE/Inmetro to perform testing for components of bicycles for adult use. Working in accordance with Inmetro’s Ordinance 656, the laboratory is prepared to meet the demands for through testing for resistance, durability, dimensional and general requirements.


Bicycle Frame and Rigid fork:

ABNT NBR 14714 – Two wheeled vehicle — Bicycle — Bicycle frame and rigid fork — Safety requirement

Pedal and Crank:

ABNT NBR 15444 – Two wheels vehicle — Bicycle — Pedal and crank — Resistance

Brake cable:

ABNT NBR 9295 – Two wheels vehicle – Bicycle – Brake cable – Tensile strength test


ABNT NBR 14732 – Two wheels vehicle — Bicycle — Bicycle rim

Spokes and nipple:

ABNT NBR 8023 – Two wheels vehicle — Bicycle — Bicycle spoke — Dimensions

ABNT NBR 8024 – Two wheels vehicle — Bicycle — Bicycle spoke — Fatigue test

ABNT NBR 8691 – Two wheels vehicle — Bicycle — Bicycle nipple — Dimensions

ABNT NBR 8692 – Two wheels vehicle — Bicycle — Bicycle spoke and nipple — Tensile strength

Handlebar and Stem:

ABNT NBR 14713 – Two wheels vehicle — Safety requirements of handlebar and stem

Suspension fork:

ABNT NBR 15966 – Two-wheeled vehicles – Bicycle – Front fork suspension – Safety requirements

Certification for Bicycle and Motorcycle components